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I had originally planned to write this using the live writer, however it isn't wanting to install so I guess it will have to wait until next time.

I was working along the other day and one of the users I had added in was displaying as his domain account instead of his first and last name.  I was in a semi rushed mode at the time, so I decided to skip the "steps" as I call it to find out all you can about your problem user(s).  But I will list out what I would have done had I had more time.

Side note:  This is different from the logged-in user displaying incorrectly, that is a different issue with a different fix.

I first would have checked the user out using SQL.  There is a column called 'tp_IsActive' and you can see if the user is actually active or not.  It will be either a '0' or a '1', and the user might just not have been getting synced with the user profile synchronization.  The SQL is below to list out all the columns, but I normally just use 'tp_IsActive'  and 'tp_Login'.

SELECT * FROM [content_db].dbo.userinfo

After that there is a few routes that can be taken.  You can sync the database, you can run some PowerShell code, or you can delete/re-add the user.

In my rush I decided to 'Delete User from Site Collection' and re-add them, which worked and all was well with the world.

Using the PowerShell code below should also do the trick as well.

Set-SPUser -identity "DOMAIN\accountname" -DisplayName "First Last" -web http://sharepointsitehere

To give an update on my studying for the MCITP, I wish I could say it had made some progress, but unfortunately it hasn't.  My girlfriend and I recently adopted two kitties and one of them had some health issues, so that has been taking time away from studying.  Add that to the college bowl games, the start of conference basketball play, and a Playstation game I've been trying to beat before its sequel comes out at the end of the month put studying on the back burner.  The bright side?  The bowl games are over, the last of the three top 15 teams we play within a week is tonight, and I'm close to the end of the game.  Studying should resume very soon!
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