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This blog post is not to hurt any one, just a thought that I got in my mind when I was walking from an Apple Store to a Microsoft Store. I am not judging any one here but if you are from the DC area and been to Tysons Corner’s Apple and Microsoft Store you can see the change on how the migration happened from the Apple to the Microsoft Store.

Lets all do a time travel back to couple of centuries , we have sees lot of videos, documentaries & movies that showed us how and what people were doing back in the days. They didn’t have a lot to do except fighting for Water, Food and Shelter. As that trend got more and more popular, we introduced a new concept called “RELIGION”. Religion in my view is a set of rules that are written in a sequential order for the people to follow (same as what we do in programming these days). In the same way we have multiple ways of programming, there were multiple religions that are designed and followed by people themselves.

CASTS: Once the word religion got popular with the increase in the number of people on our mother planet Earth, we started dividing that into “CASTS” (Casts are more prominent in Asia). If Religion is a pattern that we use to write our code, Casts will be the platform like .NET, PHP, Python and so on. For example if you belong to a family of Kings then your caste will be “Kshathriya”, if you belong to a family of business then you are a “Vysya”.

There is a common pattern in my view that we are putting ourselves into, dividing ourselves into groups and living in our own world.

TECHNOLOGY: This is the most fashionable word these days. Everything and everyone is very hyped by this word. Technology cut through all the lines that we drew over centuries and made everyone belong to one big family. We all enjoyed being connected to our piers all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you do by profession, we are all connected to one big family called INTERNET.

I don’t think this is a happy ending for our story because, I think Technology is the new Religion. And what you use is the new Cast.

FUTURE: In my view, “CLOUD” is the one that is going to break the cycle and bring us together as one family. It doesn’t matter which technology or what device you are on but everyone talks to the CLOUD.

So, Build your APPS on CLOUD, and lets all get connected as one big family.

Thank you for your time, hope you got what I meant.

Let me know what you think in the comments section

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A lot of differences between Apple Store and a Microsoft store, i mean, because of the kind of targets which each company aims to...

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