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I wanted to introduce to you all to a wonderful book that I came across recently by, Shawn Wildermuth “Essential Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development with Silverlight”. I never bought a text book but I decided to buy this and start reading it, as I was going thru the book I decided that I made a good buy here.

This book is very easy to read and a very good place to start developing Applications for Window Phone 7.5 with Silverlight.

This series of blog posts are going to be on just Windows Phone Development using this book “Essential WP 7.5 Application Development with Silverlight”. More information about the author Shawn Wildermuth (click on the name).

I am not going to invent anything here just to be sure. I am one of you guys who wanted to start developing applications for Windows Phone and not sure where to start. I just started my journey to complete this book and by the end of the book hopefully we can all have at least one application on the Windows Market Place. My idea to extend this blog series is to develop a WP 7.5 application and then convert that application to a cloud based application with HTML 5, so that we deploy the same to all Eco-Systems.

All I am doing is to give you the bullet points from the book and also give you the sample projects that we create along this journey.

WHAT you need to know and WHY ?

1. It is a known fact that iOS and Android has a huge market and few 100K apps on their market place, think before you decide to write an app for those two or Windows Phone, coz those two markets are almost saturated unless you are going to invent the next Facebook, you are not going to win the market. As Windows Phone market place is not saturated and just recently expanding to the other parts of the world , I think it is right time to start writing your next Big thing on Windows Phone.

2. Since almost everyone on Earth user Microsoft solutions and with their step towards Windows Azure, I think it is the right time to do the next big thing on Windows and reach as many people are there on the Earth with a smartphone.


Lets start our Journey to at least our next BIG thing.

---- Let me know what you think, my first Blog ever ----

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