Thanks to Conchango for hosting Silverlight User Group

Conchango hosted the first Silverlight User Group last night.  It was great to see people discussing real world problems they have encountered and how they are really stretching Silverlight to the limit.  A 3D demo of MRI scans within a Silverlight browser control was very impressive.

Tim Sneath, evangelist for the Silverlight team, was over from Redmond and did a very informative round up of the current state of Silverlight development and the envisaged roadmap to release of 2.0 RTM.

A great start to what I hope becomes a very active user group.  I can't wait for more designers to get interested in Silverlight so the developers within the user group get more exposure to good graphic design.

Although I am used to working with graphic designers in my television projects for on screen graphics and animations, I've never had the same experience with applications or web sites.  It's something I'd be keen to get involved with. Despite using a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse and being happy wandering around Photoshop, I do have a complete understanding of my level of design skills (abysmal).

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