February 2008 Entries

Virtual PC on two monitors without additional software
I've finally moved my main development environment on my desktop to Vista, and had the issue that I still do quite a bit of work for one client in Visual Studio 2003 which is not supported. No problem - run up a Virtual PC 2007 image running XP Pro SP2 with just VS2003 and SQL Server 2000 and I have a perfect solution. On a dual core processer with virtualisation support and lots of memory it runs fine. However I also run on dual monitors and I'm very used to developing with VS on one screen, and ......

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UK MSDN Roadshow 2008 - registration now open
For those who couldn't make the VS 2008/SQL 2008/Server 2008 launch in Birmingham in March, we have dates for the MSDN Roadshow in April around the UK. I'd register now if you're interested as these events sell out really fast. Here's the Microsoft blurb; Now the roadshow is coming to a city near you A short while ago you expressed interest in the MSDN Roadshow, which means you're now one of the first to hear that registration is open. We're anticipating high demand, so you'll need to act fast before ......

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Dead web (href) links - don't panic, try the WayBack Machine
Just had a comment on a post where the original link was out of date (well, it was two years old). Rather than try to remember the source of the software that was named in the broken link I just went to the 'WayBack Machine' of web archives at http://www.archive.org/web/... I typed in the broken link (complete with parameters), and there was the original article with the key information I required. It doesn't always work but it's a great resource when you're running out of options ......

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