October 2007 Entries

Thanks to the guys at the Birmingham NxtGenUG last night
Thanks to the Birmingham NxtGenUG last night who were subjected to my discussion of developing Windows Services and the arcane arts of the Event Log. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about what is a rather old fashioned topic for most developers. I have made some minor updates to the PowerPoint and they are all located at; https://www.hosted-projects... just login with the user name and password sent out in David McMahon's e-mail. I'll be enhancing the wiki with ......

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DDD6 - now open for registration
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 6 - Saturday 24th November, Reading, UK. Get your registration in now, it tends to book out quite quickly; http://msevents.microsoft.c... Not sure if my CIFactory talk has been voted into the agenda. Not sure whether my speaking would make you want to head off to Microsoft's UK HQ, or ensure you had essential early Christmas shopping to complete ......

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SqlBits podcast
Craig Murphy was wily enough to record an interview with both myself and fellow developer Matt Barrett after the SqlBits conference.  Enhanced by the 80's music of Reading Bowl you can now experience the effect that several (free) pints of Guinness has on my diction;


Thanks to Craig for the tidy editing (he must have done some, believe me).

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DDD6 - 24th November - You have until 19th October to get your vote in
Voting now open on DDD6 here, http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/votesessions.asp, so get your 10 votes in to make sure it's the conference you want it to be.

Those who are eagle eyed will note that my bribes to the organisers were obviously well received as my yap about CIFactory has appeared at the top of the voting table .....

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SqlBits - notes from grok on using NTFS file encryption to secure SQL Server databases on laptop computers
This is a summary of the grok talk I gave at the SqlBits day at Microsoft UK in Reading on 6th October 2007. Thanks for all the delegates who finished lunch early to make the grok talks and I hope it proved useful. The target audience for this grok talk was those developers using SQL Server (2000 or 2005) on their laptops who might want to secure those databases. This issue is becoming more important as horror stories of lost laptops containing sensitive customer information now seem to appear every ......

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SqlBits - a great conference
Just a quick scribble to thank the organisers of SqlBits for a superb event on Saturday. There were some great sessions, especially David McMahon's Top 10 SQL Keywords. Not for the Led Zep Top Of The Pops countdown, but some real gems of knowledge. I've never been to a session where you can hear all the biros in the room simultaneously clicking open and furiously scribbling down notes. The nugget being scribbled was the SQL full text query search term FORMSOF(INFLECTION, 'ride') - which will match ......

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