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I am not a very social person. Really, I'm not. Most people who know me and like me will probably attest to the fact that I am quite shy, and usually reserved in a social setting. In a business setting, I am quite personable, professional, and assertive. In small groups with people I know, I tend to be outgoing and talkative (too much some friends might say). As an instructor, I tend to be willing to talk to anyone about anything. However, I tend NOT to want to be the guy who goes to the BIG party with about a gillion people I don't know. It's a wonder I ever got a girlfriend...much less a wife....or three....

So, remember that when I make this next statement: Social Networks are the mind killer.

Or was it fear? I never can remember....anyway.....

O-M-G! Who in the world decided we need so many social networks??? One of my compadres pointed me in the direction of FaceBook recently, and I signed up. My fiance', some of her friends, some old Navy buddies (meaning they've been budddies a long time, not that their old) and my daughter are on MySpace. I have joined LinkedIn, since after all, you just gotta be linked in! I mean, where does the insanity stop? Thank the gods I dropped my LiveJournal page a few months ago.

The MySpace crowd has been bothering me to update my pictures, so I added some from some of the gigs I did with my band before its demise. I found myself snapping a quick pic of me in my home office for my profile on FaceBook (and for those of you who looked at it, my hand is not up to wave), and now, I feel like neglectful parent because I don't have a pic for my profile on LinkedIn. I also realized I was considering putting some music from the band on the MySpace page as background noise, even though I absolutely hate it when someone hijacks my soundcard when I go to their page. Funny how we engage in what we like least sometimes without even thinking about it, isn't it? I also noticed cool thematic wall paper available...then did a double-take...excuse me, did I just start picking out wallpaper??

Then, I noticed there is a status field on the Facebook long till someone says to me (when they know I am out of town on a gig)...."Your status says your home and I know you're not!". Can't have that happen.....thank goodness I can set an Outlook reminder to remind me to set my status.

And don't get me started on chat networks. I have more channels going on than basic cable it, msn, AOL, etc....thank the gods that Trillian provides a common place to handle most of them. I have a set of communication protocols of which the White House would be proud. Nothing like having all these open at the same time, and write code....don't ask me why my variables have names like "BigMama001" or "Dragon1123".

So, here I am at night, on my time, when I should be studying some new tech (WCF, WPF, for example) and all I can think about is that my poor profiles are feeling alone and that I don't care about them.

Ye gods, all the connectivity is keeping me so busy, I don't have time to actually talk to anyone!

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