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Adobe Photoshop offers people the possibility to share gradients through .GRD files. These files can be found very easily on various sites. This extension for Expression Blend allows you to import these files and use them in your Silverlight or WPF projects.

The extension makes use of some changes to Expression Blend made in SP1. You must have Blend SP1 installed to use this extension.

Know limitations

The extension isn’t finished yet. I haven’t worked out all the bugs yet, but this first release should enable you to import most of the .GRD files.

In Adobe Photoshop it is possible to create a noise gradient type. This type of gradient isn’t available in Xaml. At this point the extension will show an error when a file containing a noise gradient is opened. In a future version the noise gradient will be skipped.

Because there is no documentation on how to interact with Expression Blend from extensions I have not been able to create a new resource entry from code. I’m not even sure if this is possible at all. Therefore I have chosen to show the Xaml created from the imported gradient and give you the opportunity to copy the Xaml to the clipboard. This way you can place it wherever you want.

I have tested the extension with various .GRD files, but it is possible you may encounter files that do not import and generate errors. Please take the time to inform me about these and send me an email with the .GRD file or a link to it.


You can download the extension here. All you have to do is extract the file in a temporary directory and copy the .DLL into the extensions folder of Expression Blend 4. If you have the FXG importer installed that came with SP1 this folder should already be there. If not, just add it to Expression Blend folder and Blend knows what to do with it.

Using the extension

After the .DLL file of the extension is placed in the /extensions folder you should restart Expression Blend. Open the solution you want to add the imported gradient to.

Go to the File menu and choose the newly added menu item “Import gradient file…” .


An dialog window should pop up. Click on the “Load .GRD” button in to top right corner. The should bring up a file dialog. Browse to the .GRD file, select it and click “Open”.


The file is opened and its contents are shown in the list box. Select the gradient you would like to add to your project and click “Import”.


A new dialog window containing the Xaml for this gradient. You can alter the Xaml if needed.


Click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the Xaml to the clipboard.


After this you can close the window and paste the Xaml into the resource location of your choice.

What to expect next

I have planned to work on blog post about the inner workings of this extension. Mainly focused on how it works inside Expression Blend. If you run into any issues, have comments or if you have feature requests, please let me know by adding a comment to this post or by sending me an email.


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Thank You Mr. Timmy Kokke

It is very nice Extenttion. I have not Tried Yet
But by reading only I could feel It is great Because
I always use photoshop and illustrator.

Kanthesha Murthy
Left by Kanthesha Murthy on Aug 04, 2011 8:11 AM

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