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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

A while ago, I blogged about how I was having problems with how I set up references when we switched over to Team Foundation Server.  I was linking internal dependencies to the build folder on the build server.  This caused excessive network traffic (and delays when working from home) and failed builds (because TFS couldn't clean the build folder if I have a solution open with a reference to that folder).

I've since found this branching guide on CodePlex.  This has fixed all my problems.  It took me almost full day to switch all my team projects to their style, but I've been using this standard for a month now and the dividends have been substancial.

In case you didn't follow the link, the cliff notes are to have a lib and a shared code folder (along with others) in your source control for each team project.  The lib folder contains binaries and your shared folder contains branches from other team projects.  I took it a step further and created a monster solution for my major projects and added all the projects from the shared code folder.  I then re-mapped my references from the dll on the server to the projects in my solution and I now have zero network dependency when I build my solution.  It's fast, it's clean and the projects in my shared code folder will update (manually) when I add changes because it's just a branch from the original code.

Much thanks to the guys that put out articles like this.

 Update - Changed the link to a better article

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