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November 2014 Entries

The Steep Curve of Feature Prioritization
How to prioritize features for development? Which to do first, which then, which last? That’s a much debated aspect of software development. And most teams I know are not very systematic about it. That’s a pity, because doing features in the “wrong” order means creating value for the customer slower than possible. Or it even means producing waste. In his recent book “The Nature of Software Development” Ron Jeffries showed how he thinks prioritization should be done with nice drawings like this: Each ......

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Feedback-Centric Development - The One Hacker Way
Erik Meijer got something right in his talk "One Hacker Way". There's a lot of bashing and ranting... but at the core there also is a precious diamond to be found. It's his admonition to be driven by feedback. As software developer we should focus on production code - and let ourselves be guided by feedback. How true! How simple! But contrary to the audience's belief it's no easy feat. He got much applause when he suggested, attendees who had not committed code recently should leave. People liked ......

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