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so Microsoft (via Soma's blog) have announced the S+S Blueprints, so this tells us what Mike has been up to since Project Glidepath, but I'm left wondering a couple of things, are these factories? (in my humble opinion yes), are these extensible? (can I make changes to the blueprint (guidance package))... umm no (at least not that I've found so far).... how do these blueprints fit in with the Rosario Factory story?, do they play with P&P Factories? .... yeah that's more than a couple... Oh and just as an aside.... guys could we get a bit of consistency going here, Factories, Blueprints, Guidance Bundles....oh my how will we know which one to use when ;)

However what Mike has done here is use the awesome work he did on Glidepath and turn its attention to building S+S applications

So here's what you get "As a starting point for building real solutions by architects and developers, each Software + Services Blueprint includes code and/or utilities, guidance, structured step-by-step workflow and tools delivered within Visual Studio. Each S + S Blueprint is focused on media/community, eCommerce, Office Business Applications (OBA), mobility or other future S+S application areas. They range in complexity from rapid development packages to complete end-to-end scenarios. S + S Blueprints are released under the terms of the Microsoft Public License and you are free to use the code, in its original form, or as modified by you, , within the terms of this license, in your products and websites."

Currently the codeplex project available for download is for an Outlook + Services Blueprint, although more blueprints will be available.

A screencast is also available to see exactly what can be achieved by this blueprint....

I have to say this, from a very brief play with S+S Blueprints... Mike you rock

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