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Okay, I realize the Zune is not for everyone.  In fact, 9 out of 10 times, I would recommend an iPod first even though I own both an iPod and Zune and prefer the Zune.  I was sold on the larger screen and subscription music and was willing to give up a bunch of other features to get it, at least temporary.  The clock is ticking and I hope Microsoft keeps improving it.  Otherwise, a year from now, I'll start looking again.  But I honestly think this is just the beginning.

But I am sick of false information being propogated by ignorant journalists.  The latest is C.W. Nevius.  Its obvious he has never used a Zune and is only regurgitating what he has heard, and not even that accurately.  Let's tear it apart:

the music system only works with the Microsoft Explorer browser, not Firefox, which many others and I prefer. ... I think I'd rather have an iPod, which has an easier download system that lets me use Firefox

What the hell is he talking about?  Both the Zune software and iTunes are not browser based.  Is he talking about just downloading the software?  Is he refering to the Genuine Advantage prompt in Firefox (which does work)?  Both players ship with the software on CD.  I don't see an issue here, especially as his launching off point.

Bill Gates must grind his teeth every time one of those TV commercials comes on depicting the cool and very chill Apple guy talking to the doofus "PC,''

I really doubt Bill cares much.  I have read just as many reports that these commercials are backfiring on Apple, re-inforcing the smug Apple attitude.  And who doesn't love John Hodgeman?

The big feature of Zune is the ability to "squirt'' songs and pictures to other Zunes in the area. Kinda nice. Except that the songs only last three plays and can't be converted to CDs or a music library.

If you have the Zune pass, they are flagged and you can download them to your library, otherwise you can purchase and download them.  Sharing is for sampling, not for keeps.  I will give him the fact that even non-DRMed songs are DRMed in this process which is kind of stupid.

There are ramifications that extend beyond the cool factor of walking around with hip white earphones.

The iPod is starting to lose its cool now that everyone has one.  Especially the white one.

The response to the Zune, which was supposed to be ''the iPod killer,'' only convinces me that I am right.

Microsoft has never claimed the Zune is an iPod Killer, the media did that.

Microsoft is probably being hurt by those TV ads which portray them as a doofus.

Wrong.  Again, we love you John.

There are plenty of reasons to prefer the iPod.  Games, movies, TV, audiobooks and podcasts are the big ones.  Write about that, not some nonsense you just pull out of your butt.

For a better review, that also trashes the Zune, read Paul Thurrott's review.

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