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How many web casts can you take in a month. Here are 2 web cast series facilitated by INETA. One of them is done by UG leaders and the other one is done by products guys from Redmond.

INETA Live! is a series brought to you primarily by user group leaders around the country that have exceptional material they believe would be good to share with other user group leaders. Don't miss these if you are interested in growing your own user group. Check out INETA page for this one

Live from Redmond! is a series presented to you directly by Microsoft product teams! No marketing hype -- just the technical details that you want to hear and need to know. Stay ahead of your peers by attending this exclusive series. Here are all the details.

April 12th
5:30 pm PDT

Crossbow – Building WPF and Windows Forms hybrid applications
Mike Henderlight

Wondering how to take advantage of the power of the next generation presentation technology, Windows Presentation Foundation while preserving your existing investments in Windows Forms? This talk discuss key scenarios for integration between the two technologies, and strategies for building hybrid applications that take advantage of Windows Forms and the Windows Presentation Foundation. We show integration from both application perspectives and demonstrate how each can augment the other.

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April 20th
8:30 am PDT

Essential Tips and Tricks for .NET Compact Framework Application Developers
David Kline

Developing applications for the .NET Compact Framework is very similar to developing for the .NET Framework. There are, however, some important differences and considerations to keep in mind. From best practices to debugging and diagnostics, this session presents the essential tips and tricks for .NET Compact Framework application development, direct from the .NET Compact Framework product team.

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April 26th
8:30 am PDT

Improving your web application’s user experience with Atlas
Shawn Burke

Atlas allows ASP.NET developers to add great client-side richness to their web application using server-side methodologies using Extender Controls. Learn how the Agility Team is launching a project to leverage the power of the community to build a library of Extenders for all developers to use.

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May 4th
5:30 pm PDT

IIS7.0 as a development platform
Brett Hill

Discover a new world of opportunity for developers. IIS 7's capabilities are delivered via modules that you can load, unload, or replace at runtime. Using modules, written in native or managed code, you can implement entirely new capabilities for IIS 7 and the web applications it delivers. In this presentation, you will see how modules can change the client experience for all websites simultaneously without any modification to code on the site level. In addition, you'll see what IIS 7's .net integrated pipeline means for security, configuration, and integration of your applications into a truly extensible web platform.

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May 11th
8:30 am PDT

Using Cider to build WPF applications
Paul Kuklinski

Check out how the Windows Presentation Foundation Designer for Visual Studio (Cider) delivers a familiar experience for .NET developers building WPF applications. We’ll walk through basic form design scenarios, developer-designer workflow with the Expression Interactive Designer, and look at the design-time experience for some of WPF’s more advanced capabilities.

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May 17th
5:30 pm PDT

Using ASP.NET 2.0 and SharePoint together
Mike Ammerlaan

This session will cover integration of Windows SharePoint Services v.3.0 and ASP.NET 2.0, and discuss how you can use ASP.NET web parts, master pages, and controls in your SharePoint sites to build powerful web applications.

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May 23rd
8:30 am PDT

An Introduction to WinFX AddIn's
Jack Gudenkauf

Have you ever wanted to have your application dynamically load and communicate with generic components at runtime? Interested in how to create independently versioning, mutually distrustful components, that work together? This talk will discuss how to address versioning and isolation utilizing the WinFX Add-in model.

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