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Sasha Krsmanovic Canadian Developer Community Update December 2004 Entries
Four more speakers added to MSDN Canada Speakers bureau
We added 4 more speakers to MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau. 1. Val Matison 2. Julie Lerman 3. Jim Duffy 4. Martin Descoteaux For those who haven't heard of MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau, this is a great bunch of guys who deliver presentations in user groups accross Canada. Many of these speakers are known world wide!! ......

Posted On Friday, December 24, 2004 4:55 PM

MSDN Chats - 2 canadian chats done!
Just a quick update for everyone. On Monday and Tuesday we had 2 chats. It was pretty cool to see developers & experts discuss some burning issues. I posted the chat transcript: Developing Secure Applications - Sample question: Q: Our current website is written in ASP. We have modified one section of our site (online applications) to be ASP.NET. Is there a security risk of switching between the two using SSL??A: SSL is the ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 15, 2004 10:53 AM

Developing Secure Applications - get your questions answered
We are hosting our second chat today -- Developing Secure Applications(2:30 PM EST). Stop by if you get a chance, just join our chat room. Here is the event abstract: The focus of this chat will be on how to write Secure ASP.Net Web Application. The primary focus will be on the writing of secure Code to prevent the most common type of hacking techiques as follows: Sql Injection Attacks Cross Site Scripting Canonical Representation Issues Authentication Spoofing Additional emphasize will be placed ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 14, 2004 8:41 AM

Getting answers for your Connected Systems questions (BizTalk 2004)
Hello Just a quick reminder to everyone that we are hosting the first ever MSDN Canada chat today (1:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM EST). I did my best to line up amazing speakers for this chat à 6 of them: 2 Microsoft Canada specialists, 2 Regional Directors and 2 book authors. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of it. The topic for today’s chat is ‘Building Connected Systems’. I have seen these guys present at MSDN Deep Dives and I would highly recommend you to stop buy ......

Posted On Monday, December 13, 2004 9:30 AM

How do you get informed of developer training events near you?
It sounds funny, but…..I just did a short survey of people who visit MSDN Canada page. I was surprised to learn that approximately 35% percent of the people who visit MSDN page don’t subscribe to MSDN Canada Flash, which makes me wonder how they find out about training events they can attend. Of the 35% who don’t subscribe, nearly 70% (or 25-20 % of the total number) don’t even know about MSDN Flash Newsletter. Now, that’s only the people who actually visit the page, ......

Posted On Friday, December 10, 2004 3:03 PM

Easy way to make your web site / blog more fun
I stumbled upon this website for creating surveys – Opinion Power. It is super easy and super quick to do. It even generates the code for newbies, so you basically just copy paste the code. Opinion Power hosts the responses for you. Pretty cool. Here is the sample one I just created in 30 sec: Code you get via e mail: <!-- Begin Cut and Paste into your web page --> <form method=POST action="http://www.opinionp... demo</B> <P> ......

Posted On Friday, December 3, 2004 10:18 AM

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