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Ah...I forgot, I'll be speaking in Software Architect Tour, 2004 at the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Untervarsity (MAJU) next week on March the 29th.  Its at 22-E Block-6 P.E.C.H.S, Karachi. Damn ! Why do I have to miss an important MMS hourly back here in my university? Bad timing... I guess.

I'll be giving my not so infamous (cos its the fist time):

INETA Pakistan - The Developer Community Revolution Speech

I'll talk about User Groups, INETA, INETA Pakistan, the new User Group Structure for Pakistan and our Vision Forward. My talks are very interactive, much like Ihab's (Microsoft Dubai) so even if you know about INETA Pakistan, you'll still have fun.

Should be fun, please stop by!

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