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The security symposium today went great we had three speakers from Microsoft operations in Egypt and Redmond. Mr. Zoadain, and two whose names I can not recall. Zoadain was the most interesting of the lot, he talked and showed us how Microsoft was securing its own IT infrastructure and intellectual property using pins, smart cards, polices and what not.

I learned many interesting things today: Security is not only technology put also the people and processes, basically the 4 P’s of security. Almost all solutions come suggested blocking access at all layers and levels. The easiest security measure is to limit the services running when you don’t need them just stop using them and always keep your updates on the toes in terms of patches or virus scanners.

There was also a lot of talk about SUS and SMS both used for patch management and software upgrades. We also looked at the best practice security guides [available at] from the PAG, the best thing to happen at Microsoft for years.

One cool link I would suggest all to visit is the live implementation of ‘Outlooks Web Access’ internally in use by Microsoft employees to manage emails without RAS support at

I observed a lot of potential in the developer community in Karachi while enjoying lunch, around 300 faces emerged some of them I have seen at previous events last year like the Pakistan Developer Conference in May 2003 and MSDN road show in August 2003. Lastly we got the 'IT Showcases' CD, the latest to come this year in our collateral bags. I plan to open up and speed read some case studies when I reach back home.

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