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I got 15 free passes to the security symposium and I am holding a quiz for my INETA based user group in Karachi, The initial response has been over whelming. I am currently thinking of some tricky questions that I will mail to all people on the DNUG mailing list by Monday, and the first 10 participants with all questions right will win a place to the Microsoft Security Symposium being held at Marriott, Karachi on Wednesday the 17th. More information about the event is available here.

I also mentioned about this on  INETA Pakistan ( a website running but still under construction, I will finish it of as soon as I have the chance. Customizing the ASP.NET Portal Starter kit was piece of cake I even added my own RSS reader to download and show MSDN news (RSS) on the site but there’s something wrong with caching issues there, all the changes I make revert back to default values at random, I don’t know what’s going on even after going throw the source code again and again.

Lastly if you live in the (Microsoft’s) south gulf region visit for some very good free resources, Cd's and magazines. Lastly all INETA people can visit the INETA MEA (Middle East and Africa) site still under construction again as Zeeshan is not able to get access from the webmaster at INETA.

Posted on Saturday, March 13, 2004 5:11 PM .NET , INETA , Daily Journal | Back to top

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