The BUILD Conference

What a week it has been!  The BUILD Conference just concluded—hr  and there were tons of announcements.  This is one of the reasons I am passionate about this company.  Even when I was outside Microsoft, the momentum and the focus they have on Developer audience simply amazes me and they continue to do it, years later.

Windows Developer Preview

BUILD is a developer conference which premiered the first Windows Developer Preview bits.  Clearly, the developers get to see it for first and there have been a reported 500,000 downloads of the bits already and its only going to increase over the days.

While the official release is way ahead in the future, the developer preview has created enough excitement among developers, ISVs, partners and consumers.  Windows Developer Preview also premiers the Metro style UI and development tools which provide a refreshed or reimagined Windows experience.  Right from Windows 1, programming for Windows has been a breeze for developers and this release is no exception.

Also the experience of Windows on Slate and hand held devices is something new and refreshing for long time Windows users.

Watch the BUILD Day 1 keynote for more information on Windows Developer Preview

Web Matrix

We released Web Matrix Beta close to more than an year ago.  The first web developer friendly tool which doesn’t require you to master the Framework, Toolkits and other controls for developing simple websites.  Web Matrix is a tool for web developers and designers who want to develop web applications quickly.  The power of web matrix doesn’t lie in the tool itself but with the plethora of starter kits and popular applications that it offers from the start up screen.  For example, you could just open up a DotNetNuke or WordPress source code, customize it and publish your own version, right out of the Web Matrix tool.

You can watch intro videos on Web Matrix from—hr

This BUILD also marks the Beta release of Web Matrix v2 with much improved tooling support for building websites.  The version also comes with ASP.NET Web Pages v2 version.

You can watch the Web Matrix v2 session at

The landing page for downloading the v2 version of Web Matrix, is at

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 3

The Internet Explorer team has been as agile as one would imagine compared to the previous releases (IE7, IE8 => IE9).   With multiple platform preview releases, IE9 RTM’ed in March this year and immediately we had IE10 Platform Preview.  We also had a subsequent PP in June.  Now, IE10 PP3 is out, but currently limited to Windows Developer Preview build.  The earlier Platform Previews can be downloaded for Windows 7.  But if you want the PP3 of IE10, you get to download it along with Windows Developer Preview.

The Developer Preview can be downloaded from

Watch the IE10 PP3 & HTML5 sessions in MIX at

Windows Azure

Yet another of our offerings that keeps getting updated very quickly is the Windows Azure platform and tools.  The SDK refresh happened just a while back in August.  Now, with BUILD we have a new version of the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010 and the SDK available.

This SDK promises improved development fabric, publishing options and many more enhancements.

You can read about the new features at—hr

and download the new Windows Azure SDK bits from


As much as I want to write about everything, I want to leave it to the experts to talk and offer you links for the sessions rather than providing everything in text.  So watch all the sessions that happened at BUILD from—hr

As we begin a new journey with the new set of releases, its yet again an exciting time for Developers and I am with you in starting to experiment all of these!


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Excellent blog post Sir!
Left by Pinal Dave on Sep 20, 2011 8:29 AM

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I am struggling to get time to watch the videos offline.

Started with the 2 hr Keynote Video which is still half done.

Appreciate your effort for summarizing the event.
Left by Kamlesh on Sep 20, 2011 8:35 AM

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Thanks! Like the one on Webmatrix
Left by Shasur on Sep 20, 2011 6:19 PM

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Awesome post Harish. :)
Left by Abhishek Sur on Sep 21, 2011 12:40 AM

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Cool, and here is a bit about WinRT
Left by Anoop on Sep 21, 2011 1:22 AM

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