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So, I’m at mix 2011 this year, and here’s the message I’m feeling from Microsoft:

  1. Silverlight is a plug-in.  It will always likely do things that the standards don’t yet support, but it’s part of the web (i.e. html5), not competing with it.
  2. You should build in HTML first and only use silverlight where the browser can’t fill the gap.
  3. Must of the functionality that you get in XAML has been reproduced in CSS3 + HTML5 + all of the other HTML5 stuff.
  4. The tooling for HTML5 dev stinks right now.
  5. Multiple browser testing and quirks are a reality and will continue indefinitely.

Overall, I’m disappointed with the message.  Web dev is far more expensive than comparable C# + XAML dev, and I’m disappointed that the industry and MS appears to be heading in that direction.

I do find it interesting that many of the specs that have been proposed as standards (like FlexBox and CSS3 Grid) were proposed by Microsoft.  Its almost like they saw the writing on the wall and tried to get XAML like functionality built into the competing browsers.  Too bad the implementation is still up to the browser vendors.

They’re also highlighting the performance of IE9.  I’ve been using IE9 as my primary browser since it was released, and it rocks.  The perf is also VERY good; better than Chrome, which was my old browser.

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