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Yeah right.  I don't believe you!  (See this article)  It MUST be the greenhouse gas emissions that cause it, so this guy is just looney.  I mean, really, he's saying that global temperatures cooled last year to where they were in the 1930's!  Al Gore is telling me that we're only going to go up, so that number must also be bogus, after all, he was Vice President, which makes him infinitely more capable than an astronaut/physicist.

To be fair, it appears that he is just as guilty of using only the numbers that support his position, but isn't it strange how he can be discounted for doing so, but the global warming crowd isn't?  You can ignore the report from the National Center for Atmospheric Research--they're funded by the government and amazingly enough, they find whatever the government tells them to find (yeah, I know, I'm biased, flame me for it).

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