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.NET Developer who is now exploring the world of react.


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April 2008 Entries

As a VB.NET programmer i only really use C# for XNA and other projects when i don't have a say on the matter. Recently i have begun to think about making a full blooded transition to C# after having some great success with it (specifically in XNA) and its not because VB.NET doesn't cut it. It is great but C# is also fantastic in my opinion, as it took features from some of the more distinguished languages avaliable, C++, Java and Object Pascal to name a few. Feature wise they are perfect for me no ......

I found this article on Channel Web quite interesting, i understand their reasoning behind it. Qoute: Microsoft not only wanted to get users to stop running as administrators, which exacerbates the effects of attacks, but also wanted to convince ISVs to stop building applications that require administrative privileges to install and run, Cross explained ......

Hi GWB readers, I have been away from for the past month, infact from all of my projects as well i have been extremely busy with my degree and had quite a number of large assignments to complete before the end of this semester. Anyway with my new found interest in the XNA framework and 3D modelling i will be turning my interests to XNA ! I have one project underway which is a 2D multiplayer tank game with a short and sweet single player mode version! Anyway just to note i would ......