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.NET Developer who is now exploring the world of react.

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Looks like Microsoft are looking at helping out programmers who are registered members of universities or other learning faculties. They are providing all student programmers (in specific countries, more to be added) with the chance to download professional level development tools for free Here is the link: I just hope they add Australia real soon ......

In light of a recent post by Tim Murphy here, i thought it might be a good time to tell those of you that don't see the RSS feed how to fix that problem Simple follow the steps provided below: Go to the tool menu Select Options Expand the "Environment" node Click on the "Startup" node Set the At Startup property to "Show Start Page" Thats it and every time from now on you will be shown the news (RSS) of MSDN! It might also be good to note that if you ever have loading problems or it seems to hang ......

I finally decided to attempt a test on at ExpertRating and my first one was the XHTML certificate. This was immediately after my first lesson with XHTML at university today. Apart from today i had only browsed over XHTML casually when messing around with ASP.NET. So i was pretty proud of myself. Here is my transcript with overall results. I plan on taking it again when i have time and become more fluent in it, as you can see its Tables and Forms that i need to get a grip on ......