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Waiting in line for the keynote. Kind of a “cattle call” experience. At least we get moved around every hour or so. People started lining up last night. I woke at 5am and headed over and ended up being about 1000 back, wrapped three thirds of the way around the block.

It isn't easy standing amongst the faithful either. I heard about 100 Windows jokes in the span of an hour. Every story I heard told was always punctuated with ‘well you should see when I ran it on windows’ or ‘that would bring NT to its knees, ran on the Mac just fine’ and so on. Being in the very distinct minority I kept my mouth shut. :)

Around 6:45am PST they started to move us inside. If you have ever been to Disney World, you are familiar with this process. We proceeded to weave and wind around escalators, partitions and roping  around the convention center until we finally stopped. There we sat for another hour. Then we were moved upstairs to wait again. At least there are restrooms, water, coffee and bagels up here.


The other thing that is interesting compared to a Microsoft conference is that everyone is carrying the same thing. Everyone has an iPhone. Everyone has some size of a MacBook Pro or MacAir. The homogenous feel is overwhelming. I feel the urge to moo again.

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