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This is a raw and unedited stream of notes from the TechEd 2007 (via Virtual TechEd) keynote by Bob Muglia. This year's theme was Back to the Future. There were a couple of funny moments ... I am watching this remotely via the web ...

  • Optimization Models
    • Basic, standard, rationalized and dynamic
    • Very tangible
    • Compare your organization vs. standardized models
    • tremendous ROI
    • Core Infra model
      • infra
    •  business prod model
      • Information worker
    • business app model
      • get better results more quickly
      • come to market more quickly
  • DSI
    • four year journey
    • dynamic systems integration
    • Four technology initiatives
      • User driven
      • b
      • c
      • d
      • Long term plan
    • Technology is driving change to agile and dynamic
      • Needs to connect (partner, supplier, etc.)
      • Response time expectations are shrinking
      • Experience of kids today is very different
        • Get everything instantly and have no tolerance for delay
        • Next gen of customers and executives
      • Relationships are discovered, established, transacted and done
      • Smaller and faster, need to be captured and the first to do this wins
      • This is the need for agility - the differentiator
      • Gap is growing between agile and non-agile
      • Agility gives higher QoS
        • Ability to sense a change in the environment and do something about it
        • Balance between speed and operational efficiency
        • Not something done in one place - it must be system-wide as any single non-agile piece can bring down the entire system.
        • Business throws a need over the wall to the developers who in turn write an app and throw it over the wall to infra - but then scale and other problems crop up.
        • SoA and virtualization, operationally aware apps, etc will lead the way here.
  • How to measure agility? (Gartner speaker)
    • Damning effect - 70% on maintaining - treading water
      • Some luck ones get to 50-50
      • How?
        • Focus on cost - change the equation
          • From more and more with less
            • Pay for what the business needs
            • Variable cost model
            • Pay for each transaction
            • QoS
              • Every app doesn’t need five nines or millisecond response time. Build only what it needs.
            • Is QoS a silver bullet?
              • Not without agility
              • Adjust for change
            • If you cannot adjust for change then you are just a cost center and will be outsourced
            • Outsourcing known for agility?
            • Cost, agility and QoS are all a pendulum - all 3 are important
            • Hard to measure QoS as businesses are hard to measure
            • How do you measure agility?
              • Ask the customer and then translate it to what you do in IT
              • Measure and improve it
              • You can then come full circle and demonstrate it to the business
            • Maturity model
              • What is holding you back
                • Process
                • Culture
                • Unknown
              • CMM
                • Process
                • Focus on process - you will get it right
                • If process is right technology will change which will in turn mess up process
                • Process alone is not enough
                • Process, technology and organization
              • Every step needs its own ROI
                • ROI is not always about $$
                • Squeeze cost out in early stages
                • Take IT from cost center to profit center
                • Later stages require investment
              • It is a system
                • Focus on cost, QoS and agility
  • Dynamic IT (Back to Bob)
    • Foundation
      • Federated
        • Need to work with others more and more
        • Share identities
        • Share systems
        • Access for customers
        • SaaS
      • Security
        • Foundation for federation
      • InterOp
        • Wide variety of heterogeneous systems
        • Committed to making sure your data can be shared with others
          • Products are built to be interoperable
          • Communities (including open source)
  • Virtualization
    • Virtualized and physical are cohesive and need to be managed from the same set of tools
    • Windows Server 2008 and System Center 2007 demo
      • Server core demo
      • Sweet Windows Server 2008 wallpaper!

Well, I need to leave to a meeting so you're only getting the first half! :)


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