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You know with all the web advances (is that the 2.0 web or the 3.0 web?) that the next version of OWA was going to rock. I am happy to say that it really rocks. A lot of people have blogged about the free Microsoft and Unisys Exchange 2007 demo account you can request. I got one quickly and fired it up. If anyone would like to email me my address is . This means you spammers! Let's see what this baby can do! One of the features I really love spending a fair portion of my day doing some form of email systems administration is the ability to open another user's mailbox from within the interface. No tricky URL magic is required! I love the pop-up friendly new mail and appointment reminders. I love the subtle styling. Can you tell I like it. Go see it for yourself and sign up here. I have to see if there is a phone number associated with it as well so you can all leave me a fax or voicemail message!

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 2:35 PM Exchange | Back to top

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