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I love Harold's webcasts on Exchange. He is a highly knowledgeable TechNet presenter. I recommend checking out his on-going 24 Hours of Exchange 2007 webcast series (I would list the link here but finding an event on the Microsoft website is about as frustrating as it gets IMO). I just completed hour 11 which focused on Policies and Compliance. Here are some highlights:

  1. Hub transport rules are not replicated to all the hub transport servers by any Exchange replication engine nor are they stored in the registry. They are instead replicated by Active Directory.
  2. Need to implement email disclaimers? No longer create them with vbscript and an event sink! Create a hub transport rule. Zip through the wizard and viola!
  3. You can also use the same hub transport rules to fashion an "ethical firewall" which allows for an enterprise to easily screen, copy and prohibit unwanted or confidential information from leaving via its email system. You can also key on information by wildcards like XXX-XX-XXXX (social security numbers).
  4. Journaling is now robust enough to be applied to a single user or groups of users (apply it to a DL). It can also journal everything, internal mail or external mail and many variations in between.
  5. Harold also mentioned routing journaled mail to a Sharepoint 2007 document library. Any resources on how this is possible Harold? Seems like a powerful solution to present to a compliance officer for searching and indexing.

Oh, and Kevin answered questions. Take that for what its worth. :)


Update: I found the link to the 24 Hours of Exchange webcast series.

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