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Eileen Brown, a Microsoft UK Technical Evangelist Manager, emailed me some comments on my last post. Apparently IE7 wasn't playing nice with the comments engine! Thanks for your persistence Eileen. BTW she has an awesome blog - especially for those with a bent towards Exchange! Below are her comments.

It does much more than that... You can cancel all of your meetings, record a voice mail attachment and send that out too.  You can get a reading of your email and calendar items too.  From whatever phone you use, wherever you are.  And if the sound quality isn't good, and the UM assistant doesn't understand, you can always switch to dial tome commands.  I recorded some blogcasts so you can see this working.  The sound quality is terrible so I haven't blogged about them (until I've recorded them again!).  the URL's are here though if you want to watch it in action... UM demo blogcast 1.wmv UM Demo Blogcast 2.wmv UM Demo blogcast 3.wmv

Rough and ready but you get the idea... I will be re-recording these as soon as I get some free time!

Regards, Eileen

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