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Now this rocks! I am in an organization for the first time in a long while that does not routinely give mobile devices (Blackberries or Windows Mobile) out to all IT staff members (or even us important ones). I have had to get used to not having access to my calendar and upcoming appointments when away from my desk or laptop (on the upside I am not a slave to the crackberry). Being that my memory is terrible (just ask my wife) I was close to resorting to printing out my calendar each day and carrying it in my back pocket ... but now once we install Exchange 2007, with just a cell phone (yeah we get those) my calendar is accessible and much more! Read an excerpt from an overview found here at the Exchange TechNet portal.


At any time during the reading of the message, use the voice commands or the telephone keypad to instruct Unified Messaging. Some of the actions you can take while listening to your e-mail messages are: move to the next message, delete the message, delete the conversation, reply to all, rewind, fast forward, or pause. If you need to reply to a message, you can record a .wma file and attach it to your message reply.

If you are on your way to a meeting and realize you are going to be late, you can call Unified Messaging and access your calendar. When Unified Messaging plays your upcoming meeting, say "I'll be late" and then tell Unified Messaging how late you will be. Unified Messaging will send a message to all attendees informing them you will be late.

Totally wicked!


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