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The Infrastructure Architecture blog at the Microsoft sponsored SkyScrapr website has finally put up another post (<rant> the first since 6/9/06 - what is it with Microsoft blogs? One post per 90 days ... I thought the Tablet PC blog was on a roll and then nothing ... </rant>) this time highlighting a tool called the Windows Server System Reference Architecture. A prescriptive guide to knitting together all the bits and bobs that make up the plumbing of an infrastructure. The cool part being that it was all vetted out in a lab environment - not just tossed around by a bunch of engineers with nothing better to do. Read on!

  • Microsoft Server System Reference Architecture homepage

Windows Server System Reference Architecture is a technology architecture that has been rigorously tested and proven in a partnered lab environment to provide exceptional planning and implementation guidance that addresses fundamental infrastructure issues such as availability, security, scalability, and manageability of the platform.
WSSRA consists of the following downloadable packages:

  • Overview Documents
  • Architecture Blueprints
  • Implementation Guides
  • Deployment Toolkit

The Overview Documents provide the supporting information that will aid the understanding of the documentation set and ensure its most effective use within IT infrastructure. The documents included in this download package are as follows:
  • Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • Lab Implementation
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