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new-06-shuffleLike a lot of people I eagerly awaited to hear the new announcements from Apple Showtime yesterday. I was busy preparing for a user group meeting so I couldn't catch it live. I have to tell you that no matter how much I love Microsoft software, I lust for Apple hardware. iTunes is okay. I haven't had a chance to test drive the new version 7 yet which is getting some good reviews. And I like that they are leading the charge to add the ability to download movies; even if it does lock you in to their crappy licensing model. $12.99 is a little too steep for me and takes it out of the realm of the "impulse" purchase that has led to many a 99 cent mp3 download. I can justify to myself or my spouse a few (or 10) songs a month at 99 cents each. I cannot justify a few $12.99 movies however. And that is if they are purchased in the first week. After that the price goes up. The new Nanos look neat as well, but that is just cosmetics. The new Shuffle however, is plain amazing looking! I absolutely love it. I have an old shuffle though. But I want a new one. This is literally close to consumer wearable electronics. The headphones are larger than the player. I didn't feel one way or the other about the iTV announcement. new-06-shuffle2For me, it isn't in my lifestyle "sweet spot." I don't spend a lot of time in front of my TV in my living room where the big screen is. I have an XBox 360 that also gets neglected in that same room. And believe me I hear about it. The damn thing wont shut up. So adding another device that will only collect dust, no matter how cool, isn't something that interests me. I would have rather seen what Mike Torres envisioned. Then I could view the digital goods on any of my TiVO equipped TV's.

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