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As I start to ramp up the advertising and collaboration around the Southern Ohio Exchange User's Group I have been approached about an interesting idea. For those unaware of the Southern Ohio geography, Cincinnati anchors the southern border with Kentucky and then approximately 45 minutes north is the smaller city of Dayton. The space between Dayton and Cincinnati has almost been completely developed, and some suggest Dayton could just be a suburb of Cincinnati someday.

The Microsoft offices were we meet are located in Mason, Ohio on Cincinnati's northern border. It is only slightly closer to Cincinnati than it is to Dayton.

 microsoft mason oh

microsoft mason oh mapThe response and membership in the user group has been much greater from residents of Dayton than from residents of Cincinnati. I have been asked by a few people about moving the group\meetings to Dayton. I thought about alternating them, but I have a feeling that when in Cincinnati attendance from the Dayton residents will be sparse and when in Dayton attendance from the Cincinnati folks will be sparse.

I have also thought about having the meetings in each city once a month back-to-back. So, for instance, Dayton would be in September and Cincinnati would be in October. I wanted to keep the content the same but this becomes unrealistic as speakers usually aren't available two months in a row!

I am open to suggestions if anyone has a good operating model or has delt with this issue in the past.

Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 8:19 AM Exchange , SOEUG | Back to top

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