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I have never had a soft spot in my heart for print journalists, or most conventional news outlets (When did you stop beating your wife Mr. Smith?). And even though I blog I would hardly consider myself such – even in the most liberal sense. So I had to just laugh when I saw this post from Mary Jo Foley. While she and every other professional tech watcher\writer crucify Microsoft for its latest announcement delaying the release of Vista to consumers, she asks “But what about a delivery date?” Referring to the planned next version of Windows between Vista and Vienna code-named Fuji. Microsoft apparently hasn't announced a ship\release date for it yet. Really? And this surprises you? Why would Microsoft even attempt to reveal something on a project plan with regards to when Fuji might ship? We would love to be ripped apart even more please. You know it is a projection; you know it will slip. But as soon as the date is released you will be warming up your “Microsoft announces delays in Windows Fuji ship dates” articles.

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I took a dim view of one of Mary Jo’s blog posts a while back where she questioned the fact that...
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