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As I start to get psyched for Tech*Ed 2006 (am I the only geek that gets excited this early?) I find myself wishing for certain things to happen. Certain expectations begin to form; partly from past Tech*Ed disappointments and partly from hope for the future. Here are some things I would love to see this year:

  • A wireless network that really works! Thirteen thousand geeks on a sprawling wireless LAN shouldn't be impossible should it? And given this is Microsoft’s flagship conference, why isn't Cisco in there making sure it works? DLink, Linksys and NetGear should be no where near this thing. Think enterprise-strength please. And cant we get some more WAP’s so we have coverage from end to end and not just the phat middle? I want to be connected even if I am in the talk in room 3000A in the left wing over the atlantic on optimizing the IT project life cycle for garden gnomes with MOF and ITIL.
  • A keynote distribution of the latest and greatest Vista build. In the past you got some really cool new breaking technology preview CD on your seat when you went to the opening keynote. Last year it was WSUS, which would have been neat if you could not have just gone on to the Internet and downloaded it for free at the very same time. Oh wait, you couldn't get to the Internet at Tech*Ed. And if I find CTP build 5270 on my seat, watch out, someone will get hurt with it.
  • More sessions on “this is how we make this technology kick ass and take names at Microsoft.” These have been some of the best and most informative sessions in the past. I always take away lots of good tips and information, even for small and medium environments.
  • To the vendors: don't make me choose between getting good shwag and entering all your awesome contests and giveaways or going to the sessions to learn about all the great technology. I cant tell you how many “must be present to wins” are at the same time as the killer Exchange or ISA Server session I want to attend.
  • A decent Tech*Ed bag that is made for schlepping all this great stuff (and my laptop, cables, power supply, pens, business cards, usb hubs, thumb drives, hand outs and schwag) around for 10 hours a day. Cross shoulder messenger bags are easiest on the back or just go wheelie bags. I haven't done the analysis on thirteen thousand wheelie bags and traffic patterns just yet though … people have raved about the MMS 2005 bag.

Any other ideas, wishes or improvements? Leave a comment. And see you all in Boston!

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2006 6:42 AM | Back to top

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# re: Two Wishes for Tech*Ed 2006
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Amen on the wireless. The coverage and obvious lack capable equipment drives me insane. I want wireless everywhere, main hall and lecture rooms. I don't think that's too much to ask. :-)
Left by Eric Hammersley on Feb 07, 2006 7:44 AM

# re: Two Wishes for Tech*Ed 2006
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Good point on traffic patterns with wheelie bags. At MMS 2005 there was definitely a "packing density" problem on the first day, when everyone was wheeling their bags around and trying not to bang each other on the shins. So I agree that messenger bags might be the way to go for 13,000 geeks...
Left by Jonathan Hardwick on Feb 07, 2006 11:13 AM

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