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I just finished my BoF session on how IT Pros work in small and medium sized businesses. My intention was to cover shops with 0-500 desktops. It was amazing to see the range of IT staffs represented. We had 1 person, 2 person and 0 person (all outsourced to “on-call” consultants) staffs. The conversations flowed very nicely and it was again amazing to see the contrast between the needs of each staff go up and down in dollars and complexity depending on the size of the supported workforce. One person would talk to backing up to a USB drive and another would mention going to a LAN-less backup via SAN. Something that everyone agreed on though was the need for consultants to be multifaceted in their approach to making recommendations. Taking the time to really engage the customer and completely understand their needs from a business perspective before arriving at a technological solution to their problem. I can easily see a BoF on Small and Independent IT Consultancies at next year's Tech*Ed.

One person also turned everyone on to a free but very powerful support\helpdesk application called Liberum. I recommend checking it out. Thank you to everyone who showed up and contributed. I look forward to doing this again next year.


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