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I would like to give a big thank you to everyone that made it to the Tech*Ed Geek Dinner (for history see the Scoble Geek Dinner). There were 11 of us at Bahama Breeze talking technology, swag, coding (or lack thereof) and Tech*Ed. It was a blast to finally meet Gretchen and Kevin as well as all the new faces. I love that by blogging you can create an online community and sometimes it translates in to real life. I also have to mention one of the neatest techie stories told: Brian Hoyt works for an all-girls K-12 private school where every student in grades seven and up get a TabletPC. Even funnier was the tale of how when they forget to sync their data before going home for the weekend, they can be found in the parking lot trying to pick up the school’s wifi signal so they can get their homework done . . . I forgot to bring my camera, so I don’t have any pictures I am afraid to say. Next time!

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# re: Tech*Ed Geek Dinner I
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I so planned to be there but the Mobilizer Game came up on my radar for tonight. I wish I had made it. Gald it was a success.
Left by Eric Hammersley on Jun 07, 2005 12:51 AM

# Anyone going to PDC?
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Wow, PDC is only a month away. I wanted to let you know that, yes, I will be there, and yes, I would...
Left by Technical Careers @ Microsoft on Aug 22, 2005 12:42 PM

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