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Friends of Redgate  Friend of Red Gate

I recently joined the friend of Red Gate program.   I am very honored to be included in this group.    This program is a big part of Red Gates community outreach.   If you are not familiar with Red Gate, I urge you to check them out.    They have some wonderful tools for the SQL Server community and the DotNet community.    They are also building up some tools for Exchange and Oracle.

I was invited to join this program primarliy because of my work with Simple Talk and promoting one of their newest products, Reflector.

Reflector is a wonderful tool.   I doubt that anyone who has ever used it would argue that point.

Red Gate did a wonderful job taking over the support of Reflector.   I know many people had their doubts.    The initial release under Red Gate should set those fears to rest.   I was very impressed with how their developers interacted with their users during the preview phase!

Red Gate is also a good partner for the community.    They activly support the community, sponsoring Code Camps, sponsoring User Groups, supporting the Forums, etc.

And their tools are pretty amazing as well.

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