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I am using Google Documents for text editing and generally it works quite well.

However I've found, that table support is very limited.
I've tried to copy and paste single row of the table, but didn't found how to do it properly.(the issue was reported to Google almost 3 years ago)
I've switched to Google new spreadsheet and done my table quite easy.
However when I tried to paste it to Google doc, it was copied as plain text, not as a table(the issue also was reported more than 2 years ago).
Finally I've pasted Google spreadsheet into MS Word(it also was copied as plain text),in MS Word converted text to table, then copied the table from MS Word document and posted it to Google Document.
It is a long way to copy table from one Google application to another with the help of MS Word.

I've reported the problem but I do not expect an answer.

It's funny that Google Docs Known Issues are listed on 1 small page (only 8 known issues.

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011 2:47 AM Blogging | Back to top

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I agree! It's abysmal, no support for copying table data from one Doc to another, or from Google Doc to Google Presentation. Also terrible support for merely copying text from within a table in Google Doc to a text field in Google Presenter. Such basic functionality that I'm afraid it is much easier to use Office applications for this task, but what then the point of cloud applications?
Left by Adrian on Nov 11, 2011 8:38 PM

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