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Sometimes I receive non-specific questions from my blog Contact form. For example:
Please let me know how can i install a proxy server software on my local computer. Do you know any particular software to run and test the web service over a proxy server.
I am trying to call a web method over a proxy server which doesn't require  any user name and password.I am using the same codes which given in your web site.But I am not getting any response back from the server after calling the http response.Please look in to this issue and give me a solution.I appreciate your help.
There are a few issues with these types of questions:
1.They are sent directly to me. If the question will be put in a comment area, other people can answer the question or participate in discussion.
2.The question refers to "my web site'. I have more than 200 posts, and it is not easy to understand, which one the question refers to. 
3. Questions are too generic and it is not expect quick answer. The best that I can do, is to go to Google and find links to some overview articles.  But people can do it themself.
4.If the question is not directly relates to some particular blog post, it's better to ask it on corresponding theme forum - more people will view the question, more chances to get it answered.
I am happy to answer the question if I know the answer, but question should be specific and detailed.
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