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We are  using MOM 2000 for monitoring the application.

Below are a few links that I found useful :
How to delete orphaned server/s records from "OnePoint" Database in particular shows that in OnePoint
 database Event.idGeneratedBy =computer.idComputer  , which is useful for queries per computer.

We periodically have a long delay(sometimes up to 30 min) before events from computers appear in MOM.
I noticed that delay disappeared after a message "A rule has generated 50 alerts in the last 60 seconds... In order to avoid excessive load on the consolidator, this rule will be temporarily disabled". 

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: OnePoint Operations
Event Category: None
Event ID: 21251
Date:  10/12/2007
Time:  11:47:02 PM
A rule has generated 50 alerts in the last 60 seconds.  Usually, when a rule generates this many alerts, it is because the rule definition is misconfigured.  Please examine the rule for errors, and also consider creating an event consolidation rule for events that may match the rule.

In order to avoid excessive load on the consolidator, this rule will be temporarily disabled until 10/12/2007 23:57:02.

Rule description:
Rule Id:      {05ED1868-F50D-11D3-AB6D-0090275A4C62}
Group Id:     {064902E1-AA35-4B79-987D-4748E59FF534}
Name:         Operations agent attempted to process responses
Provider Id:  {F6DA1507-12AF-11D3-AB21-00A0C98620CE}
Provider: Application
Event Number == 21252
Source Name == OnePoint Operations
Type:         Event Processing Rule

 MOM 2000 Generates Numerous Entries About Event ID 21252 suggests to find a rule by using search within the MOM Administrator Console to find the rule that is generating the events  or use SQL, e.g.
   Select * from processrule where idprocessrule='05ED1868-F50D-11D3-AB6D-0090275A4C62'

Search showed that the rules is located under "Microsoft Operations Manager\Agents, Consolidators, or Data Access Servers\".

There are other related links that I used to investigate delay

Suppression of 25261 errors - exposed under: Information Services/Internet Information Services 6.0/Core Services/World
Wide Web Pulishing Service\\Event Rules All HTTP 400 errors 

OnePoint Free Data Space Percentage thread suggests to shorten your periods between grooming intervals.You'll find this in the Global Settings of the MOM Administrator Console.
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