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One reader of my post “How to fix "Visual Studio 2005 is very slow" problem -no solution so far“ asked me should he use VS 2005 or VS 2003:
 “We recently moved from VB6 environment to .net.  We started our project in VS 2005 , asp.2.0 . But the issue is VS 2005 is VERY Slow on our computers. My Team members are getting frustrated.
 I increased the Ram to 1 GB... still no significant improvement!  (yet to implement the hot fix).”
I've posted his questions and my answers here:
1) apart from being slow does VS 2005 has any other major problems?
2) Will our customers suffer in any way ? (speed, frequent crashes etc)
I believe that .Net 2. is more reliable than .Net 1.1
3) Since i have just started in VS 2005 , Should i roll back to VS 2003 ?
 My personal preference is VS 2005(even if it is slow for some ASP.NET Projects).
4) Will the migration from VS 2003 to VS 2005 later will be easy ?
 Note that VS 2005 now has 2 projects -Web Site Projects and Web Application Projects
5) What about the learning Curve (from VS 2003 to VS 2005)
You need to learn new features if you want to use them. To do the same things in most cases VS virsions are similar, in many cases VS 2005 more user friendly, in some (not often) scenarios VS 2005 is not good (e.g.
6) how is deployment in VS 2005 does it have problems?
Ther are some differences with VS 2003, but they are resolvable. 
7) The core focus of our company will be developement of softwares for PDA...... will rolling back to VS 2003
affect this ?
I have no idea.
8) Do you think that MS will launch SP 1 for VS 2005 soon?
MS promissed  SP 1 for VS 2005 in the second half of 2006.
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 10:37 AM ASP.NET , .Net Framework | Back to top

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