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If so, you should go read this eWeek article by Jim Rapoza.  In it, he talks about Tim Berners-Lee talking to Congress and how what Tim had to say really made him realize his stand on Net Neutrality:

What if the Internet wasn't designed the way it was? What if it worked more like cell phone or satellite TV networks do here in the United States?

Hey, I hear there's this great search engine called Google that supposedly works really well and offers all kinds of cool online apps. Problem is, you have to be a Verizon customer to get it. And if I leave Verizon, I won't be able to access the eBay auction site anymore, because that's a Comcast-only site.

And if I leave Comcast, I won't get VOIP anymore, as Verizon completely blocks that. Oh yeah, I also hear that the BitTorrent thing you can do on Cox Communications' cable service is pretty cool.

I've never really given Net Neutrality a bunch of thought before now, to be perfectly honest.  But I grew up with the Internet, and I use the Internet daily to provide for my family.  So yes, I am spoiled to the openess of it.  And while I don't be-grudge companies for wanting to make more money and profit for themselves, their employees, and their shareholders, I think the fractioning of the Internet would be a horrible thing, and would set us back many years. 

As Jim mentions, look at the many innovations we now take for granted becaue the Internet is so open.  Search engines, email, all of that could change (not for the better IMHO) if the NET becomes more proprietary. 

So if you haven't given it much thought before, now may be the time to put some time and research into this issue.  Because it could affect you for many years to come.

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