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Walter VonKoch is on MSDN TV talking about RSS in IE7 and the RSS Platform.

If you are interested in how IE7 displays RSS, and want a very basic introduction to RSS in IE7, and Microsoft's Simple List Extensions, you should watch this video.  It is about 15 minutes, with 12 minutes of it being actual, kind of interesting demo.

For example, IE7 has that cute little RSS icon in the task bar, that lights up when you visit a website that has an RSS feed.  But how does the website know you have a feed? By adding a <link> statement, similar to the following, in the <head> section of the page:

<link rel=”Alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Title Of My Feed” href=”[link to the XML RSS Feed]” </link>

That's all there is to it.  I think that is kind of cool.

I'm not sold on using IE7 has my RSS reader, as I am pretty much a FeedDemon devotee.  But I will of course try it out. 

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