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Corey Snow has a post up entitled Cool Tools, where he talks about his version of the digital lifestyle:

I work at home on Fridays, and sometimes other days as well. A little bit ago, I was sitting at my desk at home, merrily coding away on bug fixes for the next release of the Microsoft Connect website, and I get a call on my office phone. I know this because a little window comes up showing the call, who it's from, and giving me the option of forwarding the call to my cell phone or my home phone. One click, my home phone rings and I answer. The person at the other end didn't even know I wasn't in the office.

First off, I think that is kinda cool.  I wish we had something like that where I currently work.  For that matter, I wish we could work from home every once in a while where I currently work.  But I digress.

I suppose I am slowly trying to embrace what some people refer to as the digital lifestyle, but I have a long way to go before I get where a lot of people are.  That said, I'm happy with where I am.

So what am I really saying?  Its Friday and its almost quittin' time!

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