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The blogosphere (don't I sound hip when I use that term) and the tech news media are running wild with stories that Google may be entering the hardware market, specifically bringing out there own line of PCs.  From an article at eWeek:

The Internet giant, based in Mountain View, Calif., is considering selling its own version of a wireless networking device for homes, according to two sources, and is reportedly in talks with giant retailer Wal-Mart Inc. to sell an inexpensive Google-branded personal computer.

In  addition to the rumor about PCs, it is pretty much confirmed they are releasing some sort of home networking device that allows you to move content from PCs to various home electronics.  And there are also rumors of a Google phone.

Out of all of these, I expect the phone would be the one which might really happen and could take off.  As the article points out, ESPN markets their own phone.  And since anything related to Google has the “cool” factor, at least for the time being, everyone would want a “Google” phone.

Personally, I don't think they should take on the PC business.  That would ultimately wind up as a money sink on them, and could start pulling the company back down from the pinnacle they are currently enjoying.

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