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Billy Hollis has really been blogging pretty regularly, which is nice.  In his latest post he talks about how he is no longer using floppy disks.

I've pretty much moved myself to a similar situation.  I have a couple of small flash drives, that I've picked up from conferences, that I use to move files from one machine to another.  If the files are bigger than my flash drives, then you just burn a CD real quick with the information on it.  Of course, now that you can buy 1GB flash drives for approximately $50, there really is no need to do that either.

I remember helping my mom buy a laptop last year from Dell.  The laptops did NOT come with a floppy installed.  You had to pay extra to get that.  But it did come with a free 64MB USB flash drive.  I went ahead and got the floppy for her, because of all her disks, but it was very interesting trying to explain how much better and easier the flash drive was to use.

One area where not having a floppy has hurt me is with BIOS updates.  I have a new computer, and I wanted to flash the bios with the latest upgrade.  My computer came with a Windows utility to do it, but the utility would not work, so my only other option was to put the BIOS upgrade on a floppy and boot from the floppy.  The problem was, I didn't buy a floppy drive when I build this computer!  Luckily, being the geek that I am, I had several old computers lying around, so I was able to salvage a working floppy drive and cable.  It really would have been nice to be able to boot off my USB key and install the update though!

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