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Dion Hinchcliffe, at his Web 2.0 blog, always has something interesting to say.  This time, its a round-up of the latest links and information on AJAX, entitled The Incredible Ongoing Story Of AJAX:

Ajax has been the other big software story of 2005, along with Web 2.0.  An optional ingredient to Web 2.0 software, Ajax has changed the perception of Web-based software as being horribly clunky, page-oriented, and boring when compared to native computer applications.  Ajax describes a set of techniques that makes Web software quite the opposite.  A quick visit to Google Maps and its live scrollable map tiles or NetVibes and its drag-and-drop reorganization of your personal data both show how potent and compelling Ajax techniques really are.

He goes on to provide a bevy of links to many different AJAX topics.

I personally have not investigated AJAX yet.  I've used Google Maps, and some of the other sites that are “AJAX-enabled”, and I do like the interface provided by those sites.  I've just not gotten myself to a point where I can sit down and try and crank out a sample out.  I'm really interested in Microsoft's Atlas, which is supposed to plug into VS2005.  More than likely, when I do finally start to play with this, that is the direction I'll go.

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