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I received an MSN instant message from a friend today who I know well but only ocassionally chat with.  His status showed as offline and for someone I talk to only once in a while, it was weird getting an IM from him with just a link.  The link was to  His first name is John so this at first seemed legit, but then the page came up.  It offers picture galleries but asks you to log in with your MSN credentials.  Now, we've all seen sites that use "Live Passport" login, and most of us know what the login dialog looks like.  This was nothing like that so I immediately did a search for it on the web and found this:

I immediately called my buddy John, only to discover that his IM was comprimised and everyone on his IM list received the same message.  Be alert about this one because we don't see too many phishes that come from IM.

Whoever starts these things needs to have their ass removed !

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 7:30 AM | Back to top

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