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I'm in the middle of writing an extender provider for something I need and I came across a pain-in-the-ass scenario.  Extender providers, like controls, run at design time as well as run time.  I needed to debug something in one of my set-accessor methods so I put in something like this:

if ctl.Name = "controlName" then stop

Man, all hell broke lose.  VS2008 does not like this one bit - it IMMEDIATELY gives you a window telling you that it found a user break point and needs to close.  From this point forward you cannot re-open that project.  I tried opening that file in notepad and removing that code since obviously VS was trying to compile it but that did not help.  I ended up renaming the file then opening my project.  Then I clicked on the "Show all files" button in the property browser, brought up the culprit file, comfirmed the code was fine, right-clicked and selected "include in project".  Then I was OK.

I can see why VS doesn't like this, but why the hell can't it give us a recovery option !


Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2008 10:22 AM | Back to top

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