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windows live writerA couple of weeks ago Microsoft released Windows Live Writer Beta. This is a tool that can help you maintain your
blog(s) on a easily and structured manner.
And ofcourse, because I'm one of the biggest tool lovers on this planet, I had to figure out this new tool. My conclussion: This is another tool that has become very favourite to me.

Now I can do 2 things: #1. I'm gonna tell you everything about this new piece of software and need to sit down for a big moment to write it all down. Or,..... #2 I can give you the link and say "Find out by yourself". Because my schedule is very tight at the moment, I go for option 2. Sorry about that. Ofcourse I'm very curious to your experience and it will be great to start some discussion about that over here.

Here is the where you can download the tool.


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