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Virtualized data centre–Part four: The design

Welcome back to the fourth post in this series! Today we will have a look at what Microsoft recommends as a “private cloud design” and what I will make of it. Whilst my own solution is based of the reference architecture, it is quite different indeed!

An important thing to know is that, whilst I am using the private cloud as a reference, I am skipping most of the steps in designing a private cloud. If that is why you are here, please read the links at the end of the article and skim through my own content. A private cloud is much more process driven than just building a virtual infrastructure…

The architecture of it all…

So imagine for a minute that you have unlimited funds to build this lab of yours… You’d want redundancy on all levels and separation of each network where possible! Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury and, as you saw me hinting at in the previous article, our own design will be more limited but still quite capable!


From the networking perspective I will not have a fully redundant network, after all, this is but a lab environment! Thanks to Server 2012 I will be able to use bonding on my NIC’s and use LACP to improve the performance on that part.


As I mentioned in the previous article a Synology DS1218+ will be used for iSCSI provisioning. This device has 2 NICs on-board which can be bonded in to one 2 Gbps interface giving me a decent throughput and making the disks the most limiting factor in the storage design.

Domain controllers and extra infrastructure

Server 2012 completely supports running domain controllers virtualized and has no need to actually have a reachable DC when booting… That being said I need a remote access machine to power on the hosts (I have no need for them running 24/7) and a possible System Center VMM 2012 box (although server 2012 is not supported until SP1 :( ).

Undecided on if I am to install those boxes separately or as a virtual machine…

Which amounts to…

Something like this pretty picture!












Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions Repository (en-US)

Reference  Architecture:

Private Cloud Reference Model:

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